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Dr. Sean Robertson, PsyD

Doctor of Psychology, Internationally Known Behavior Coach and San Francisco Couples Counselor (Gottman Couples Counseling Trained)



I offer sessions online from anywhere in the world.

If you need goal focused support but due to your circumstances or preference, have difficulty with regular in-person appointments, my coaching services are the solution. You can have your session from the comfort of your home or at the office on your lunch break, I work with individuals and partners from all over the world. All of my services are offered over online video chat. I have had clients who travel for work see me from hotels around the world or in their office in between meetings. My services work best for individuals who are motivated to make changes in their lives, but are challenged with finding the time or energy.

I am psychology doctor who works online as a behavioral coach. I can help you meet your goals in an effective and evidence-based approach that leads to fast and life changing positive benefits. -Dr. Robertson

I have years of formal training in the art of behavioral psychology, and I offer all my services over video chat so we can meet from anywhere you'd like. If those two things appeal to you, keep reading. I've worked with hundreds of clients to identify internal and external obstacles blocking their success, remove these obstacles, and put them on the path to achieving their goals. Some areas I work in are: professional success, relationship success, recovery success, health success, etc.

Behavioral psychology often gives people fast results. My coaching style integrates Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, so we'll be looking at your thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. We'll also be very goal oriented and there will be homework. So clients must be highly motivated and meet regularly.

I work collaboratively and empathically with clients to encourage specific behaviors that support changes they seek to make. I have the advantage of having been extensively formally trained in many behavioral psychology approaches. I also look at the bigger picture and help clients assess where there are imbalances and can (optional) bring in aspects of Buddhist psychology.

Though I have a doctorate in clinical psychology, I choose to do coaching  only; This means I do not provide diagnoses for clients or attempt to treat disorders. I chose this because I do not work from a pathology perspective or work with insurance companies. Clients who work with me need to have internet access capable of supporting video chat. I have been practicing for 12 years and welcome all genders/orientations/ethnicities. 



I provide behavioral coaching in the following areas:

  • Couples Counseling- I am trained in the Gottman Couples Counseling Method

  • Career Coaching – focuses on choosing a career path that is in line with the client’s aspirations and strengths.

  • Targeted Behavioral Coaching – focuses on changing a specific problematic behavior.

  • Health and Wellness Coaching – focuses on improving self-care habits such as sleep, diet, exercise, etc.

  • Transition Coaching - focuses on developing skills to get through a rough time such as a divorce or someone’s passing.

  • Recovery Coaching – focuses on helping clients make lifestyle changes that support substance abuse recovery.

  • Relationship Coaching – focuses on behavioral patterns within relationships.


  • Life Coaching

  • Relationship Issues

  • Stress Management

  • Couples Counseling


  • Relationship & Communication Issues

  • Addiction

  • Career Counseling

  • Codependency

  • Coping Skills

  • Divorce

  • Infidelity

  • Life Transitions

  • Parenting

  • Weight Loss

  • Self-Esteem Issues


  • Bisexual

  • Gay

  • Lesbian

  • Trans

  • Non-binary folks


Alternative Languages Spoken: German

Religious Orientation: Buddhist


  • Adults (18 +)


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