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Deepen Intimacy 


and enjoy connected sex in your partnership.

Top Rated San Francisco Sex Therapists, Relationship Coaches & Couples Counselors


While the thought of attending intimacy and sex therapy  with your partner may feel unnerving, our skilled San Francisco Bay Area Sex Therapists & Relationship Coaches are highly trained and sensitive to your emotional needs, We strive to collaborate in creating an emotionally safe and comfortable space for you and your partner to explore your sexuality and sexual issues. In coming to sex therapy, you may experience feeling completely open and vulnerable,  addressing issues you were uncertain of how to navigate.

Intimacy and Sex Therapy promotes deeper intimacy and love in a partnership, while simultaneously opening up new lines of communication, empathy and understanding. Learning how to share your sexual needs and desires in the context of secure attachment and open expression can lead to reigniting your sex life, eliminating erotic shame and co-creating sexual intelligence and intimacy in your relationship.