Attachment and somatic based Sexuality & intimacy coaching AND Sex Therapy:

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San Francisco Sex Therapy, Couples Counseling & Relationship Coaching can help you realize the pleasure and joy you seek in your emotional and sexual connections. Our services can also help you heal sexual trauma and negative beliefs, as well as invite awareness and playfulness into your sexuality.

Enjoy the embodied and passionate sexual intimacy you desire with our specialized help via our Clinical Sex Therapy & Couples Therapy, Sexual Empowerment Coaching, Transformative Coaching & Somatic-Based Methods of Coaching Services.

Which Couples Therapy and/or Sex Therapy or Relationship Coaching Modality is the best for me / us?

We get this question a lot. Don't fret!

  • We will help you figure this out and match you with the best practitioner for your circumstances and preferences.

  • Our live receptionists answer calls seven days a week to get you set up for your one-on-one free intake consultation call, during which, our skilled intake coordinators (who are also licensed psychologists and psychotherapists who are certified in clinical sex therapy and couples therapy) will identify the best type of services needed for your particular situation.

  • We may determine that you need a more clinically structured type of support modality, such as psychotherapy (talk therapy) that focusses on sex therapy, relationships or attachment needs

  • Or perhaps you may have a preference to work with a licensed certified sex therapist or couples therapist (such as a psychologist or clinical psychotherapist etc.).

  • However, in many circumstances, our San Francisco Intimacy & Sex Therapy Center sexuality & intimacy coaches also have unique skills and may be a fabulous fit for your sexuality and relationship goals.

Below are a few of the types of intimacy and sexuality coaching our San Francisco Intimacy & Sex Therapy Center's practitioners are trained in:

Some San Francisco Intimacy & Sexuality Coaching Modalties:

Somatic sex Therapy Methods:

Just like the many other highly specialized relationship and sexuality focussed modalities our San Francisco Bay Area clinical psychologists, sexologists, psychotherapists and relationship & sexuality coaches are trained in various techniques such as Somatic Based Methods and Sex Therapy Modalities; coaching methods and sex therapy our San Francisco practitioners are certified in. 


The word somatic is derived from the Greek word “soma” which means living body. Somatic Sex Therapy is a holistic method of sexuality coaching or sex therapy that studies the relationship between the mind and body in regard to psychological past, current phisical experiences in the body and thoughts around body and sexuality.

Somatic - A method of relating to the body, especially as distinct from the mind. However, since we cannot remove the mind from body or body from mind, an Embodied Transformative Somatic Method of Sexuality & Intimacy Coaching / Sex Therapy allows individuals and couples to:

  • experience a deeply loving, attachment and body-based, holistic, systematic approach rooted in neuroscience

  • to deepen emotional and sexual connection, exploration and erotic joy.

    Intimacy Coaching and Sex Therapy can help partners and couples to:

  • heal sexual trauma and shame,

  • identify, name and discuss their sexual & emotional needs, desires and boundaries,

  • connect to

  • experience amazing and satisfying sex and relationships

  • live and express their authentic Self within their individual life as well as with partners, both sexually and emotionally

  • experience erotic embodiment and somatic awareness and learn how to communicate and express this aspect of themselves.

We are proud to offer services in an array of pertinent psychotherapy and coaching modalities to provide the best relationship & sexuality support California's San Francisco Bay Area has to offer. 

Our San Francisco sexologists, sexuality coaches and sex therapists:

  • utilize comprehensive attachment-based somatic approaches that are based on the latest neuroscience of attachment, sexuality and connection.

  • Through psychology and neuroscience, we now have a much deeper understanding of how the brain creates neural networks (a physical pattern of learning and experiencing in the brain and body) and can thus help you learn and integrate new skills, somatic awareness and ways of relating emotionally and sexually.

  • This process of developing and changing neural networks is a way of literally rewiring the brain to experience new ways of relating and connecting in intimate partnership and sexuality.

Elena Somatica Method Sex Therapy Coaching, San Francisco Couples Counseling and Sex Therapy Center

Elena Letourneau, Certified Embodied & Somatic Sexuality Coaching Practitioner

San Francisco Couples Counseling, Sex Therapy & Relationship Coaching involves embodied & somatic methods, as well as attachment-based, systematic approaches to deepening emotional, psychological and sexual intelligence and connection.

We also have sex therapists and intimacy coaches certified in clinical sex therapy (licensed mental health practitioners and doctors of psychology and sexuality), Somatic Experiencing Practitioners, and Sexual Empowerment Coaching, and Sexology, amongst other relevant attachment and somatic based intimacy & relationship sex therapy methods.

Sexual Empowerment Coaching

Explore your sexuality in a way you never have before with Sexual Empowerment Coaching.

Sexuality is not a one-size-fits-all by any stretch of the imagination, and yet, everyone has common aspects of our sexual nature that require exploration, understanding and expression. When you work on your sexual self in a deep way, it impacts every other aspect of your life. Then you can begin to live the fully expressed and passionate life you were meant to live, a sexually empowered life.

Amy Jo Goddard, MA, Sexuality Empowerment Coach, Sexual Educator and Author

Relationship & Intimacy coaching offers a "relationship lab" and the experience of learning about yourself and another person, in real time. 

Our San Francisco Sexuality & Relationship Coaches support you in meeting your goals. We can help you:

  • facilitate growth, learning, and radical self-acceptance

  • Deepen Connection through Emotional and Sexual Intelligence

  • shift obstacles that block you from expressing your authentic desire

  • move beyond low desire and/or performance anxiety

  • expand your sense of confidence and capacity to be present

  • offer a range of relational tools for deeper connection

  • explore your own and your partner’s fantasies

  • practice skills of seduction, touch, and attunement

  • develop embodied awareness of what you want

  • empower you to know and express your boundaries

  • Authentic Sexuality and Relational Styles

  • Healing Sexual Trauma and Shame

  • Body Positivity and Somatic Intelligence

Transformational Sexuality Coaching

San Francisco Transformational Relationship and Sexuality Coaching is a dynamic, powerful and fast approach to sexuality and partnership development. TSC helps in:

  • Deepening emotional and sexual empathy, awareness and connection

  • Navigating trigger moments to move into a place of mutual resolution and understanding

  • Using conflict to empower each partner's self growth

  • Heighten Emotional & Sexual Intelligence

  • Communication mastery / Conflict mastery

  • Increasing Passion, Pleasure & Intimacy

  • Embodying Joy, Desire and Love

San Francisco Sex Therapy and Somatica Method Coaching

Transformational Sexuality & Relationship Coaching with Pej

Transformational Sexuality & Partnership Coaching helps Heighten Emotional & Sexual Intelligence

Our highly trained, SPECIALIZED, skilled practitioners at San Francisco Intimacy & Sex Therapy Center can help you via Relationship Coaching & Couples / Sex Therapy :

  • to develop and deepen connection and integration between your own sexuality and other aspects of your life, and partnership(s).

  • to feel more embodied, confident, aware, and even playful in your sexuality

  • to prioritize your sexual self-care, needs, pleasure, and desire

  • to be able to identify what you desire and then subsequently to be able to ask for what you want in a confident, shame-free and clearly communicated manner.

  • to release and heal problematic sexual narratives, shame, trauma, and untrue internalized beliefs 

  • to learn how to explore and discuss new erotic fantasies, desires and narratives

  • to learn about the neuroscience of attachment and bonding and how that plays a significant role in sexuality and intimacy

  • to deepen the connection between your sexual and creative energy.

  • to improve your intimate relationships and the fulfillment they bring you.

San Francisco Intimacy, Sexuality & Relationship Coaches